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Booking conditions

Booking Terms and Conditions

Driving the Ring

Sessions are run to the track usage rules and its calendar as well as in accordance with an experience program approved by the organizer/customer. The track does not close for rain. On tourist days, the track’s legal status is that of a public road ( German road rules applying ). The organizer is to ensure that the drivers receive a safety briefing from an instructor or a coach before they get onto the circuit ( general track etiquette both for tourist sessions and track days ).

On track days (subject to the organizer’s schedule) the track is a racing circuit with no public road rules enforced. Before a track day starts, the organizer must ensure that all the participants undergo a full safety and instructional briefing with an instructor or a coach (general racing track etiquette for track days ).

Track day/tourist day sessions and other services are fully paid in advance ( car rental, instruction, track day, airport transfer, etc. ). On both track days and tourist days the customer must hold a Valid driver’s license or Valid international passport.


Full payment (for the tour, car rental, instruction, track day, airport transfer or other services) is due right before the trip. The customer can pay for their order by bank transfer to the company’s/organizer’s account (legal entity / bank account in Germany) against an invoice or in cash on the spot.

Once a payment reaches the company’s/organizer’s account, the customer receives their booking confirmation via email.

The customer undertakes to pay for their trip/tour within 5 working days of receipt of an invoice and send the copy of the bank transfer by email to the company’s/organizer’s email address.

Trip / Tour Cancellation Charges

If the customer chooses to cancel their pre-paid trip/tour, they will be charged as follows:
  • One month or more prior to the trip — 15% of total
  • Three / three and a half weeks prior (27–21 days) — 20%
  • Two / two and a half weeks prior ( 20–14 days) — 30%
  • One / one and a half week prior (13–7 days) — 50%
  • Less than a week prior (6–0 days) — 80%

The customer will not receive a refund of any money they have paid for participation in a track day or for other reasons ( being late from 2 hours ). Transfers to other days are available by special agreement with the company / organizer.

Special Provisions

The organizer reserves the right to refuse service ( car hire, instruction, track day or other services ) to any customer if they:
  • Conduct themselves inappropriately
  • Generally feel unwell ( dizzy, suffering from nausea or headache )
  • Are under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Demonstrate the intention to outdrive everyone and «floor it» from the start
  • Violate safety rules
  • Behave in a rude or disrespectful manner towards fellow drivers
  • Use foul language or make offensive gestures at other drivers
  • Ignore the instructor’s comments and requests

In the event of a conflict arising (due to above-mentioned reasons), all pre-payments made are non-refundable.

Big Garage Company

The company / organizer shall organize a trip / tour in line with the travel itinerary agreed with and paid for by the customer. The customer will receive an invoice with a detailed description of the tour/trip.

The company / organizer will not be held responsible for bad weather conditions, accidents on the track (resulting in track closures and related delays of up to two hours), alterations in track day schedules (track opening and closing hours), the customer’s physical and emotional state (dizziness, nausea, headache, driver’s slow reaction time), as well as other situations, customer’s health issues, services outside the company's/organizer’s scope of practice or services that were not paid for.

A range of additional services (car rental, number of laps, airport transfer, accommodation and so on) may be arranged on request and purchased on the spot.


Sessions normally run in all weather conditions, come rain or shine. The customer can cancel his/her track session if they do not feel safe driving in the rain or for any other reasons. In the event of cancellation due to rain, fog or wet asphalt, any money paid for the trip/tour is non-refundable. Sessions can be rescheduled for another day, subject to availability.

Fog and rain are deemed normal weather conditions, which are beyond the organizer’s control.

«All Inclusive» Packages

The package includes car hire, a lap ticket (for public sessions) and petrol. In some cases it can also extend to instruction / coaching. On track days the customer pays the usual fee to enter the track, but this offer is exclusive of petrol (which is dependent on the mileage and customer’s driving style) and the track day price.

Accidents / Collisions

Any damage to the vehicle while on the track under the customer’s control (on a tourist or a track day), will be their responsibility. Each car comes fully insured, subject to an excess which depends on the vehicle type. Repairs are payable by cash (against an invoice / upon damage assessment) or a credit card.

For instance, the cost of repairing any damage to a fender or a bumper must be paid by the person responsible. It’s also necessary to evaluate the damage to the the fences/crash barriers of the track or the damage to the other vehicle as a result of a collision. The participant shall reimburse the Nürburgring the cost of any damage to crash barriers/fences (in cash or by credit/debit card).

The company/organizer is not to be held liable for any damage to the crash barriers/another participant’s vehicle caused by the customer or the customer’s bodily injury.

Acceptance of rules and Booking

By booking a trip / tour and making a 50 - 100% advance payment to the company’s / organizer’s bank account, the customer confirms his or her acceptance of these terms and conditions. The purchase of a trip constitutes the customer’s consent to adhere to all the rules as detailed above. Anything else is just pure speculation.