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FAQ Nürburgring Nordschleife

Dear friends, we have collected some of the most frequently asked questions about Nürburgring and auto racing into the special section called FAQ.

We hope that you will find here some answers to those many questions that are somehow related to the auto racing, track days, public sessions and visits to Nürburgring. If you cannot find an answer here, you are welcome to visit our club of the Nürburgring fans.

Why Nürburgring?

There is no more famous racetrack in the world than Nurburgring Nordschleife. It is a Mecca of motor sports. It is a must of any ambitious driver to visit it once at least. Its specific architecture and character are unique. Extending to 20,8 kilometres (12,9 miles), the track is like a complicated construction set comprising 33 left-hand turns, 40 right-hand turns and several straights. Legendary racer Jackie Stewart once described this track as ‘the ultimate driver challenge’. A lot of car enthusiasts call this track also as «The Green Hell» for its complexity and unique location in forested Eifel valleys.

Nürburgring captivates by the unique combination of its grandeur and democratic character. The track’s administration made it accessible and pleasant for anyone to visit the Ring: starting from a British student with fiery eyes and a 20-years old VW Golf III to the old American millionaire with a dozen of vintage Porsche 911. Yes, you can come to the Nürburgring and stay here forever.

Nowadays it is Nürburgring where the most of car manufactures are testing prototypes of their future models. It is assumed that the classic «Northern loop» of Nürburgring, being formed of the incredible number of turns and straights, discloses, from the very first lap, advantages and disadvantages of all key components of a vehicle. Thus, Nürburgring Nordschleife is regarded as the smartest racetrack in the world.

What is «The Northern Loop»?

It is the whole Nürburgring Nordschleife racetrack that is frequently called «the Northern loop», whereas Nordschleife is actually a northern loop in the English translation.

Where is it located and how can it be reached?

The racetrack and the main complex of Nürburgring Nordschleife are located near the town of Nurburg in the federal state of Rheinland-Pfalz.

It is a very easy journey to reach Nürburgring. Since there is no railway service to the track and the nearby villages, the easiest way is to reach it by car. One should find Nürburg in the settings of a car navigator ( do not mix with the big city of Nürnberg ).

The nearest big cities are:

  • Koblenz — 60 km
  • Cologne — 85 km
  • Bonn — 60 km
  • Aachen — 140 km
  • Düsseldorf — 130 km
  • Luxemburg — 130 km
  • Frankfurt am Main — 170 km
We can also offer you a shuttle service from any of the nearest cities.

What is the best time for visit?

The best time to visit Nürburgring is from spring to autumn, specifically from March to November. In the wintertime the track is not available for any racing events, due to the weather conditions.

What famous track races are held here?

Every year Nürburgring welcomes several famous track races: 24 hours Nürburgring, DTM, FIM Superbike, Blancpain Race, ADAC GT Masters and VLN. Biannually, it welcomes Formula 1 race. We have the best conditions for you and your friends if you come to the Nurburgring along with our best VIP tours.

You can book tickets to all these events at our web-site.

What accommodation to choose?

The main complex of Nürburgring comprises two comfortable motorsport hotels – Lindner and Dorint (4-star hotels with bars, restaurants, fitness centres and saunas). All rooms are well designed and welcome visitors by its cosy atmosphere including television, mini-bar, air-conditioner, shower, double or twin beds, view on the track, 24 hours service. Price for a double room with breakfast included starts from € 120 per night.

Alternatively, you can be accommodated in a range of private guest-houses. They are located in the close-quarters of the complex and of the track (3-5 km). Price for a double room in these cosy guest-houses, 3-star with breakfast included, is € 50-60 per night.

We can be of assistance in booking accommodation for you. You are very welcome!

What is the price to drive at race track Nordschleife?

Driving on Nürburgring Nordschleife racetrack is available for any visitor, either in one’s own car (from 18 years old), or as a passenger in a race taxi (from € 195). Usually, all fans of public sessions come for driving in the tourist or track days. Price for a lap Nordschleife (20,8 km) in the tourist days ( Monday - Thursday ) is € 30 and € 35 for weekends ( Friday - Sunday ).

If you rent our car for driving you should include the price for rental. It depends on the organisers and may start from € 499 in the track days.

If you want to take a training course at Nordschleife (BMW Race Track Experience, Sports Driver Training, etc) you should make a request and provide a hundred-per-cent advance payment (€ 300 ).

We can be of assistance in booking a course of driving and renting a car for you.

Can I drive with the USA, Englisch, France, Italia, Spania, Russian and other number plates?

You may drive with it in both tourist and track days. The main claim is to have an active international driving license, to have an insurance «green card» and a registration certificate on your car.

Parking spaces and storage?

We are happy to offer you our garage and parking spaces at the Nürburgring Nordschleife race track.

Our 500-square-meter garage is situated 4 km away from the Nürburgring racing circuit. The adjacent parking lot at the front is about 2000 square meters. We have enough room for both cars and cargo trailers.

Our services:

  • Parking spaces (car storage service)
  • Oil change
  • Brake pads replacement
  • Tyre fitting
  • Service and maintenance
  • Car transportation (Europe)

What documents are required to rent a car?

To rent our car you need to be at least 18 years old and to have an active driving licence, a passport (foreign passport) and a required amount of money (bank transfer also possible).

Please inform us in advance about your preferable dates of arrival and renting a car.

«All inclusive»: what does it mean?

The «all inclusive» rate includes rental of a car, access to the track and a fuel. In other words, it is «all inclusive».

What are the safety regulations on the Nürburgring track?

Our main priority is to provide absolute safety for you. We would strongly recommend you to get acquainted with all safety regulations of the Nürburgring Nordschleife before you start your drive on the racetrack.

I am a rookie. What is my first step?

If you come for the first time to the Nürburgring Nordschleife racetrack and wish to drive a couple of laps, we would strongly recommend you to contact a driving instructor who will help you in the beginning, while you are exploring the track. Besides, we would also recommend you to drive several laps of the track at the game simulator Gran Turismo 6, if you have such a possibility, before you start on the real track.

The game gives you a precise detailed illusion of architecture and character of Nürburgring and allows you to get minimum of driving skills required. With the assistance of the game simulator you can explore turns and dangerous points of the track, as well as a car’s handling in different situations (front wheel drive, all-wheel drive and rear wheel drive).

Theory is to start with. Practice comes afterwards. For the first time we would recommend you to rent Renault Mehane RS (265 hp) or BMW M3 (420 hp). You may use your own car either.

Both our cars are equipped with automatic gearboxes and in the first instance allow you to avoid reflecting and wasting of time to choose the required gear: the system changes to it automatically. Thus, you can focus your attention merely on the driving process. Right after the first coasting and having some experience at your disposal, you may directly turn to the vehicles with manual transmission. However, to begin with and to get more pleasure from driving on Nordschleife you should better choose a vehicle with automatic transmission.

For a start:

  • Game simulator Gran Turismo 5/6 (we organise annual online competitions)
  • Try a karting and get your first experience in race driving (do not feel shy to be an adult at karting)
  • Rent a car with a driving instructor or our Driving Academy for the Nürburgring track and make your first laps
  • Improve your laptime
We shall be of assistance in instruction and providing you with a proper choice of a car for your first time. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Is it dangerous to race on the track?

It is, and there are plenty of examples proving that. However, there is no need push «full throttle» from the first minutes.

For your own safety we would recommend you to use the assistance of our professional instructor. He will provide you with a proper theoretical basis, so that you will be able to move forward starting your driving practice directly on the race track.

What happens if I crash a car?

If you crash your car in an accident with another car participating and you are guilty, then on the tourist days, when the track is regarded as an open road, your insurance company undertakes all expenses to cover damage done to the suffered side (depending on your insurance). Besides, by agreement with the suffered side, you may be able to cover expenses in cash according to the presented bill.

If you crash a rented car it is a matter of franchise (from € 5000). E.g. if you scratch a front wing you will pay expenses for repaint it, but not the maximum sum of € 5000 for the whole car.

If you happened to participate in a car accident as a suffered side there will be the same regulations applied as on the open road. In the track days various accidents and crashes are not covered by insurance companies; you are able to cover expenses in cash or by bank transfer according to the presented bill.

Please get acquainted with the general safety rules.

What is race taxi or Nürburgring taxi?

Race taxi or «Nürburgring taxi» is one of those kinds of motorsports that have been quickly developed in the recent years.

The essence of it is to sit in a car beside a professional racer and to get merely the same extreme stress loads and dozens of portions of adrenaline delights while passing all turns and difficulties of the track relief.

Usually a Hot Taxi Laps at the Nürburgring is reserved for one lap, but if you wish to experience a bit of adrenaline buzz once again, that will not be a problem. Number of laps depends fully on your wish and resources of your health to take the stress load.

For many, race taxi is merely a minute pleasure and a small examination of stamina. However, there are entry-level fans, rookies, who use race taxi for preparing themselves for their future self-drive on the track.

You can book a race taxi from us in the track days. Your experience will be unforgettable.

What are «the Tourist Drives»?

During the public sessions in the tourist days you can drive on the track using your own or a rented car.

These sessions mean a unique possibility to try your skills for driving on the most well-known racetrack in the world. During these days there are same regulations applied as on the open road. For these days motorsport fans, collectors and merely observers gather together in Nürburgring to meet each other and to watch private pilots, special car premiers and rare old-timers.

What are «the Track Days»?

The track days in Nürburgring are organised by private companies in order to hold small-scale events for improving driving skills of participants, for training professional pilots and teams, as well as for various tests and club competitions.

The main advantages of track days are: a limited number of participants (100 cars maximum), a fully open pit lane, and an opportunity to participate on a car with no number plate and without a road registration, as well as free photo and video shooting. You can participate in the track days with your own or a rented car, available without a road registration. Price for participants depends entirely on the organisers (from € 499 ).

Is it possible to get a driving license for racing in Nürburgring?

To get a German driving license for racing at Nürburgring (national license «A» in the beginning) you need to have German official residential registration. It is impossible to get this license if you are registered in the hotel as a tourist.

To get a national license «A» you need to take: a one or two-day training course in performance driving (from € 299) and a course in driving on the Nürburgring track (from € 599 ). Afterwards you send a certificate of participation to the Deutsche Motor Sport Band (DMSB).

After your application is received and examined you get your license and are able to participate in any national races (e.g. VLN).

We can be of assistance to get your residential registration in Germany and a national license «A».

How many laps one should drive to become a racing driver?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions from the rookies.

The answer to this question fully depends on the results of your driving, which is closely related to your car and your personal skills for driving on the track (your experience, adequate reaction to all possible situations, hard-boiled appraisal of the situation, long-term overloading). Besides, you will need to pass an exam to get your driving licence for racing.

Start small. Improve your laptime by regular training on the track with a driving instructor. Study the ideal line, braking points and apex points. Make your driving more diverse, changing the cars of different class. Read the right books. You will need a considerable amount of time and patience to complete all this. Refine yourself, and the result will be evident. A lot of practice on the track makes it possible.

If you have some additional questions, do not hesitate to ask! We can be of assistance to provide instruction and training courses for you.

How and what for laptime is recorded?

It is important to register laptime at Nordschleife of Nürburgring (20,8 km) to control the very process of studying and the progress made.

If your approach, instruction and training are correct you will notice permanent improvement in your average results. Your laptime, in this case, would be 8-9 minutes, comparing to 12 minutes in couple of months ago. That would mean a real progress, which is a result of your training. That would mean your knowledge about the track and your car. It was worth working out.

You can register your laptime using various electronic devices and test apps. For professionals, the best option would be Race Logic (a universal GPS system with video records to control timing and running-away). For amateurs, it could be iPhone and a popular app Harry’s LapTimer Pro.

The recording process is also very simple. You fasten your iPhone at the windscreen (it works as a camera). Afterwards you start video recording applied with graphic presentation of the racetrack and a GPS signal. The programme is started and completed automatically by GPS, which allows you to mark your laptime more precisely. After your finish this video with results is saved and might be copied to other electronic devices.

Actual information about laptime registration is available at our forum board.

What «BTG Nordschleife» (or «BTG time») means?

BTG (Bridge to Gantry) is translated in the Nürburgring fan circles as «from bridge to bridge». It means that while you are making your driving in the tourist days, it is customary to register your laptime from the first bridge after the start to the last one (Gantry).

It is related to the fact that in the tourist days you can’t make a whole «real» lap. Every time you start your lap by passing the barrier and drive back to the carpark when the lap is nearly completed. Because of that it was decided, especially in the tourist days, to register time from the first bridge on «Antoniusbuche» after entry to the last bridge on «Döttinger Höhe» before departure. All these functions have been automatically loaded in the Harry’s LapTimer Pro, which we mentioned before.

When you begin your driving the app automatically starts to register your laptime from the first bridge to the last.

During the track days you can enjoy «the open pit-lane» by driving from «Döttinger Höhe» to «Antoniusbuche». It makes possible to register one’s laptime fully (from and till the starting line on the «Hatzenbach» section of the track).

< 10 min< 9 min< 8 min 

So, if you meet «BTG Nordschleife» used in the conversation, be it live or in Internet, or in some magazine, you will know it means laptime registered on Nordschleife from the bridge to the bridge.

What a «Cup» means?

A cup means a sportscar, which was designed for driving on a racetrack in the various competitions or during the track days. «Cup» cars are produced by car manufactures or are specially prepared by tuning companies that specialise in tuning for motorsport and racing.

Porsche GT3 Cup
Porsche GT3 Cup (991) 2013 is an example of typical factory «Cup» model.

Normally, a CUP means a lighter version of body (body panels made of Carbon or CFRP (Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic), an aggressive body kit (a front spoiler, an wide wheel arches, side-skirts, a diffuser, a wing, a roll cage, one or two racing seats, a removable steering wheel, a fire extinguisher (or a fire fighting system) in package, a modified engine, a powerful brake system, a stiff suspension.

What Ringtool means?

Ringtool is a special version of sportcar related to usage on the race track, specifically in Nürburgring.

It is possible also to use «cup» when you mean ringtool.

Ringtools are prepared by small companies as well as private enthusiasts who buy the «normal» car and modify it for driving during track days. Basic specification of Ringtool includes a sport suspension, a roll cage, sport seats, sport tires and racing brakes. The car gets the complete setup for racing events with setup of a suspension, improving aerodynamics with the new body parts and dynamics with the increase of the power of the engine.

Are you searching for a matching ringtool for track days on the Nordschleife? Then you are welcome to contact enthusiasts at our web-message board.

What does VLN Endurance Championship Nürburgring mean?

VLN Endurance Championship Nürburgring is a German national championship, which consisits of 10 races (from late March to October) and takes place on the Nürburgring Nordschleife racetrack. You can get more detailed information about the championship (rules, participation, and regulations) and learn more about participation in the races on the special page of VLN championship.

FAQ list is constantly updated.