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Instructor and Coaching at the Nurburgring Nordschleife

One, two or even three days driving a sports car on a race track? It is more than possible.

We are offering you a genuine, exhilarating, adrenaline-pumping, high-octane and extreme tour to the north loop of the Nürburgring. A one of a kind experience full of high speed action, excitement and tons of fun.

coaching and instructor race track

You are a sports car racer, Nordschleife is your aim. This track is whimsy and cranky in its own way. There is no room for mucking around. The race does not tolerate mistakes. Only full concentration and action control, sober self-command and respect for the opponent. This is the only way to master the track leaving a delicate tire trace on the burning asphalt and the massive roar of your engine in the air. You’ll just shout out “I did it, baby!” after finishing your lap.

With us you can perfect your driving techniques on one of the most challenging and extreme racing tracks in the world.

The Nurburgring Nordschleife represents a regular public road during tourist days. This means that it functions under the same regulations as any other road or autobahn in Germany. It’s an ideal place to acquire extreme driving skills considering there’s almost no speed limit here.

This track has its own unique layout and nature. With a total length of 12.9 mi the “north loop” has 73 corners (33 left corners and 40 right ones) and the altitude difference of 300m (with the highest point of 620m and the lowest – 320m). A good number of straights give an opportunity to reach the maximum speed and get a real life practice of acceleration, overtaking and braking techniques.

Our instructors from Driving Academy will help you obtain the basic skills of driving in extreme conditions. An instructor will be sitting next to you in the passenger seat and giving you advice on the best ways to perform overtaking, braking and smooth cornering. After this course you’ll feel confident both on public roads and race tracks with your car accelerating up to 300km/h and every corner and braking demanding your instant reaction and control over the situation. We offer a number of tuition and tourist day packages – from the most exclusive to the simplest ones.

We use telemetry during driving sessions to obtain data (car position on the track, speed and lap times, etc.) which helps us to analyze your main mistakes, assess your performance and keep up with the learning process.

Pricing for Coaching

Per Hour:
€ 130
Half Day Program:
€ 549
Full Day Program:
€ 899

Stage 1 / Basic

The program is a mix of classroom theory ( safety rules, cornering, acceleration, braking points ) and on track practice ( doing from 6 to 12 laps ). At Stage 1 you’ll get acquainted with the track and drive it for the first time ( 6 laps / 125 km and 12 laps / 250 km ).

Stage 2 / Driving

Once you’ve done your first laps and got familiar with the track, we can start working on your steering techniques and correct racing lines in certain speed modes.

At Stage 2 both tourist days and track-days ( preferable ) can be used. Depending on your progress, the program can take from 40 up to 60 practice laps. You will master the track driving cars with rear and front wheel drive. Thus, you will have an opportunity to compare the aerodynamics of two utterly different sports cars.


  • Configuration and performance of sports / racing suspension
  • Tyres / Sport tyres / Racing tyres

Stage 3 / Racing

During the final stage of the program ( Stage 3 ), you will get an opportunity to take part in one or several VLN or RCN racing series on the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

This program encompasses a few sessions ( 3-4 sessions, 12 laps / 250 km each ) on the Nordschleife and a couple of sessions at the GP Nürburgring. Each session should be completed without any pauses or breaks (12 laps will take approximately 2 hours, which you will spend wearing special race wear). Stage 3 sessions are only possible during the track days ( with the opportunity to configure the track for VLN racing and a limited number of participants ).

To participate in one of the VLN or RCN racing events you need to hold an international C race license, or a National A license ( DMSB ) with new Nordschleife license.

However, there’s another option – obtaining a National A license in Germany (which includes written and driving assessments). You will practice and take your exam on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Should you have any further questions or doubts, please give us a call or write an email.

VLN Nürburgring

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