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About Us and Big Garage at the Nürburgring

For over two decades, we have been actively involved in the automotive industry, journalism, and tuning, achieving success in various endeavors. With an extensive experience spanning more than 25 years, we have emerged as pioneers in the information industry, spearheading numerous impressive and rewarding projects.

Our claim to professionalism is proudly rooted in our profound expertise in automotive journalism, tuning, and motorsport. The trajectory of our history in these domains is marked by significant milestones and achievements, solidifying our reputation as seasoned experts.

In 2007, we made our mark on the Nürburgring race track, playing a pivotal role in advancing this distinctive entertainment industry. Our engagement at the Nürburgring not only reaffirmed our dedication to innovation but also bolstered our influence in the realm of motorsports and entertainment. The weight carried by our expert opinion is a testament to the wealth of experience accumulated over many years, diligently invested in each project we undertake.

About Big Garage

The project of Big Garage is the inspiration of several young racing enthusiasts who can’t imagine their lives without the iconic racing track of Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Big Garage Team at the NürburgringBig Garage Team at the NürburgringBig Garage Team at the Nürburgring

Big Garage Team is intended for all those heavily into racing, motorsports and car tuning. Our project shall help racing rookies and fans discover this insane and thrilling world of adrenaline, drive and tires squealing on red hot asphalt.

Visit the Big Garage website for more details on car hire options, main racing events, tourist days and track days. And if you’re planning to attend some of the upcoming Nürburgring events or shows, this is where you can book your tickets.

Big Garage Team at the NürburgringBig Garage Team at the NürburgringBig Garage Team at the Nürburgring

We offer sports cars for rental and driving tuition at the most challenging and extreme racing track in the world. Our instructors will help you master the basic skills of driving in extreme conditions.Take our driving course and feel confident both on public roads and race tracks at the speed of over 300 km/h, when every turn and slowdown require your immediate reaction and control of the situation.

We offer a number of tuition and tourist day packages – from the most exclusive to basic ones.

Corporate Sportscars Events at the NürburgringCorporate Sportscars Events at the NürburgringCorporate Sportscars Events at the Nürburgring

Big Garage Team welcomes you to the most challenging race track and hopes you have a good time here among friends and fellow car enthusiasts. Welcome to the Nürburgring.

Our services

Cooperation with us

Dear friends. If you have a desire to become our partner or representative office in your country, then feel free to write to us, we’ll discuss everything. We are ready for cooperation. Come join us at the Nürburgring. We are waiting for you.

We have the best clients

Our clients come in groups, teams, alone, and with their friends. Nürburgring has evolved into an international destination and strives to remain apolitical. We take pride in serving numerous renowned companies as our corporate clients, who opt for our exclusive team-building format involving sports cars for their employees. Thank you for your participation and trust.