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Corporate Events

Corporate Events and Celebrations at the Nürburgring

Dear friends, Our company is pleased to introduce a new and exhilarating format for corporate retreats - racing on the world-renowned Nürburgring Nordschleife track. Leave behind the office and immerse yourself in the world of authentic motorsport and adrenaline. This is an excellent tool for fostering corporate spirit.

Corporate Sportscars Events at the Nürburgring

During the event, we offer your team specially prepared sports cars for driving on the Nürburgring, racing gear, briefings, accommodation, transfers, and a range of additional services. Your employees will have the opportunity to fully appreciate the most famous racing track ( with a length of 20.8 km ) both as a racing driver behind the wheel and as a passenger.

Corporate Sportscars Events at the NürburgringCorporate Sportscars Events at the NürburgringCorporate Sportscars Events at the Nürburgring

Stay with your team

It's no secret that corporate retreats in such an exclusive format, combined with team-building elements, provide a unique opportunity to get to know your employees better, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and assess their potential. It's an effective tool for shaping the company's image and, of course, motivating and rewarding employees. The main goal of team-building is to enhance team cohesion for achieving business results. There's hardly anything better for any company than a united and friendly team. A corporate event at a racing track? Yes, it's a new form of relaxation for a strong and promising team.

Corporate Sportscars Events at the NürburgringCorporate Sportscars Events at the NürburgringCorporate Sportscars Events at the Nürburgring

For racing on the Nürburgring Nordschleife track, we offer sports cars to suit every taste. Want to ride in a Porsche GT3? No problem. Prefer something more accessible, like a BMW M2? Yes. The briefing and track sessions throughout the day will give you an opportunity to experience thrilling sensations, with adrenaline rushes and intense G-forces. You'll push your limits and create unforgettable memories as you racing the track.

Corporate retreats at the Nürburgring racing track are practically the only way to gain driving experience in extreme conditions in a short amount of time. You'll have the chance to witness one of the most beautiful and famous locations in Germany, while enjoying the company of your colleagues in a comfortable and informal setting. It's an opportunity to discuss and share new sensations and positive emotions.

Price for corporate events

To estimate the costs for a company event, kindly furnish us with the following details. Please send all information to our email address.

Please send us

  • When: When would you like to hold a company event
  • Participants: How many participants
  • Sports cars: What sports cars would you like to use for the event
  • Your wishes: Your wishes for holding a company event

We have the best clients

Our clients come in groups, teams, alone, and with their friends. Nürburgring has evolved into an international destination and strives to remain apolitical. We take pride in serving numerous renowned companies as our corporate clients, who opt for our exclusive team-building format involving sports cars for their employees. Thank you for your participation and trust.


Sports Cars for your Corporate Events and Celebrations

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