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Our Expert Opinion

Come to Nürburgring and stay forever

Author: Oldenburger Hannes | © 2008—2023

Nürburgring has already become a place to escape to for many people. After coming there once and diving into the unspeakable motorsport environment neighboring with calm countryside life, they often leave their places and settle down there.

Why is Nürburgring so attractive? For the first sight, it’s just an ordinary German village with a medieval-age castle on the hill and a century-old track. Nothing special. And most people cannot even explain why they love it. They feel something extremely addictive. It is all about Nürburgring.

Conservation area and volcanos

Glorious nature of the reserve, no industrial facilities or plants; the area is full of evergreen hills, cows and swine running around. The only extra component is sports cars. Until night, you will enjoy racetrack drive ( on your own or rented car ), engine roaring and tire squeaking, and after that, you will dip yourself in absolute silence and sunset bird songs. Nice.

Away back, the whole Nürburgring district Eifel was a territory of active volcanos. Most of the lakes there are volcanic vents; some of them are considered active due to rare hydrogen sulfide emissions on water surfaces. Specific soil and mild climate makes the region humid; local woods remain green until very winter and shed leaves only in early December. Fascinating.

Wild and cozy country

Nürburgring track is surrounded, along the entire length, by a dozen small villages where most people practice farming. You will meet numerous cowsheds, stables and fresh-grocery stalls. Rent a couple of horses for a night stroll and keep to nature ( 20 euros per hour of riding with escort ). Some residents of Nürburgring even buy horses to train riding in spare time or just walk ( a good horse costs 5-10 thousand euros, with 200 euros for monthly alimentation ).

Nürburgring estate gains price

Speaking of living, one has to either rent or stay on their place. It’s almost impossible to buy a house or apartment in Nürburg, as the demand is extremely high. Usually, everything that comes to the market is rapidly sold, by virtue of word of mouth, to be rented further (EUR 50+ per person/day) or for own use. Price of a good house with a garage starts at 300,000 euros. The whole district lives with motorsport, so good home is always highly prized, especially in the racing season ( March – early November ).

However, 3-5 kms from Nürburgring may give something. There, a house in the same condition may be bought at 200,000+ euros. Old solid-quality farm yards are demanded, sold by senior hosts eager to leave this “business”. Such years usually include 1,000-2,500 sq. m of land, a spacious shed, a house with one or two apartments, and the full set of operating utilities. This asset can always be used for garage lot rental ( EUR 50+ per month ), for racing vehicle storage, or for own use. It’s up to your preferences and ideas. For instance, rental of ready apartments to 2-4 people would cost 200-250 euros per day.

Recently, the Russians and Chinese have become active estate buyers around. Houses are transformed into apartment blocks for further rental, and spacious sheds turn into stylish lofts and garages.

Accessible logistics

Nürburgring location and surrounding infrastructure are always approachable. It will take 40-60 minutes to drive north to Cologne or Bonn, or 2 hours to the east to reach Frankfurt. Traffic jams happen only on the weekend or during events, while roads are free on business days. For those who pursue exotic traveling and is capable enough to afford it, helicopter transfers are available.

Business comes to Nürburgring

Beside tourists, racers and fans, companies started exploiting Nürburgring. “Elite people” come here for company events, meetings, and deals. Sharing spirits of motorsport, they enjoy informal environment and take collective rides along the most famous racetrack, talking about business, cars, and women.

Find time to visit Nürburgring and stay there forever.