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Our Expert Opinion

Investment in Global Motorsport and your Brand

Author: Oldenburger Hannes | © 2008—2023

Lately, more and more major world companies and brands have been investing in motorsport to promote and idealize their image ( Kaspersky Lab, Coca Cola, Monster Enegry, RedBull, Amazon, Ebay, Ray Ban, BWT, etc. ). Executives and management staff are concerned in developing this investment segment, as it enables to present the company as an active market player and leader with global ambitions. Yes, we talk about the credibility and prestige.

Investment opportunities:

  • Entering the ready business and shareholder board ( ready racing team or brand )
  • Founding the own racing team and branding ( circuit races, carting )
  • Sponsor package with brand presentation ( automobile body, racing suits, media, online )
  • Sponsor package with your participation in a racing series ( automobile body, racing suits, media, online )
  • Merchandizing

Ways of earning:

  • Racing vehicle rental ( carrying your branding )
  • Interacting with sponsors and partners
  • Sales of advertising spaces
  • Merchandizing and licenses

It is very prestige when you, your brand, or a team you sponsor, participate in a Nürburgring racing series VLN ( 9 racing stages during one year. 8 stages x four-hour race and 1 stage x six-hour race ), or 24-Hour Nürburgring ( 2 mass events: six-hour qualification and main 24-hour race ). Most companies seek chances for bold and distinguished introduction on the international business arena — this is what Nürburgring, the so-called Mecca of motorsport, offers in the form of participating in the legendary sports events. Racing series 24-Hour Dubai are also an option, as well as 24 Hours of Spa Francorchamps, 24-Hour Barcelona, and others.

Perfect first impressions

You will be looked at and appreciated in a whole-new way. Friends and opponents start considering you an active player that can deal not only with office papers, but also a racing track — competing with other potential leaders. Besides, your brand gains awareness and respect — by virtue of excellent presentations on racing cars bodies, regularly shot by photo and video cameras. Also, online global broadcasting is also important — way more than traditional TV. They will start talking and writing about you. This will be your chance to bring the brand to the whole-new level, give it sustainability and respectability.

Tax responsibility

Beside all the above-mentioned benefits, your company may get direct reduction of tax liability. If you have a representative office in Germany or Europe, the majority of costs allocated to participating in sports events are considered as advertising expenses. You participate in prestigious racing series, present your brand throughout the globe, earn on it, and get tax remissions. Our company takes a full responsibility for implementing the project and introducing you in this business segment. Moreover, our long-standing experience in this field has already proven the efficiency of our product, growing demand for unconventional business solutions, and positive feedback. Do business, and do it on the Nürburgring.

What we offer on the Nürburgring:

  • Organizing and holding business meetings in this segment
  • Consulting and Management in Motorsport
  • Professional consultations on starting up and running business in Germany and Europe
  • Rich database in this segment
  • End-to-end support with preparing necessary documents
  • Conducting the campaign throughout the sports events on the Nürburgring and other racing tracks.
  • Promoting the brand and forming a positive background

To get more information and consultation you can contact us at the following telephone numbers: Germany: +49 151 721-844-64
Also, feel free to ask questions via email.