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Business at the Nürburgring

Investing in a business at the Nürburgring

Nürburgring, the renowned race track in Germany, has become attractive not only for racers and enthusiasts but also for investors. Investing in this segment of active leisure and entertainment industry ( car rentals, races, corporate events, exclusive tours across Europe ) at Nürburgring is gaining popularity, offering potentially high returns and an exciting business venture with excellent prospects.

A Unique Business Asset in Your Portfolio

Having such an exclusive business asset in your portfolio will provide you with a unique opportunity to enter the European establishment and establish valuable connections worldwide.

Nürburgring attracts businessmen from all corners of the globe, offering you ample opportunities to expand your valuable network. As a popular venue among business professionals, the race track provides a unique atmosphere for exchanging ideas and building important business relationships. It will not only serve as an excellent platform for developing your business but also as a wonderful way to explore new horizons. Don't miss the chance to enter the prestigious circle of successful businessmen and reach new heights.

Why Investing in Sports Cars Rental at Nürburgring is Attractive

  • Established Company at Nürburgring and a Constant Customer Base: We already have a well-established company (over 15 years in the exclusive services market) and a loyal customer base, providing a solid foundation for success.
  • High Demand: Motorsports and sports cars capture the attention and interest of car enthusiasts, ensuring a stable demand for rental and active leisure services at the race track.
  • Profitable Pricing Policy: Setting competitive and profitable rental rates allows us to achieve high returns, reaching up to 45% per annum. With a full load on the race track ( rental, corporate events, tours ), a sports car of this class pays off in one season in full.
  • Let's take a simple example: Having a BMW M2 in our fleet ( costing 80,000 euros ) brings in approximately 64,000 - 70,000 euros during the season ( from March to November ). The car covers a minimum of 16,000 km during the season. This is the simplest example. After deducting all taxes and expenses, your profit amounts to at least 45% of the sports car's value.

Sports Cars Rental Investment Model at Nürburgring

  • Acquiring Supercars: Investors can purchase a fleet of supercars for rental at Nürburgring directly with our company or open their own business and sublease the cars to us.
  • Management and Maintenance: Efficient management ( built marketing and accumulated client base ) and maintenance of the cars are crucial aspects to ensure reliability and safety.
  • Additional Service Offerings: Developing additional services such as professional instructors, exclusive tours across Europe, certificates, photo and video packages enhances the marketing strategy.

Key Success Factors and Risks

  • Selecting the Right Supercars: Conducting market analysis and understanding customer preferences will help determine the optimal supercars for rental. As the market is already formed, customers prefer certain types of sports cars ( Porsche, BMW, Renault ) for Nürburgring drives.
  • Managing Operational Expenses: Efficiently managing expenses related to technical maintenance, insurance, technical support, and other operational costs is key to maintaining profitability.

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