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Safety rules for Tourist Drives Days

To enhance safety during free practice sessions ( tourist drives days and track days ) at the Nürburgring, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with the safety regulations for the benefit of all participants. Failure to adhere to these rules will lead to a ban on participation in races for the duration of the tourist drives days.

Read and Memorize

  • Emergency number for everyone: +49 0800 0302 112
  • The participant (driver) must possess a valid driver's license and documents confirming insurance (if driving their own car)
  • Participation is prohibited for vehicles with a total weight of more than 2.8 tons
  • During rides on tourist drives days or track days, you have the opportunity to drive a rented car or your own car
  • The vehicle must meet all safety standards enforced in the European Union
  • It is prohibited to drive while drunk or under the influence of drugs
  • Fasten your seat belts, including rear seats
  • Overtaking is permitted only on the left
  • It is strictly prohibited to pollute the race track by throwing any kind of garbage out of the windows
  • In the event of a fuel or lubricant leak, pull over to the side of the race track and come to a stop, then immediately notify the marshals about the incident
  • Simply stopping along the entire race track is prohibited
  • Motorcyclists are required to wear full protective equipment, including a helmet, overalls, and protectors
  • On tourist drives days, the use of racing tires (slicks) is prohibited
  • Vehicles with a maximum noise level exceeding 130 dB are not allowed
  • It is forbidden to pull up behind a slow car, honk at it or blink your headlights
  • It is prohibited to drive behind racing taxis or try to overtake them

Accident on the race track

During Tourist Drives Days on the Nürburgring race track, the same rules apply as on public roads. Be attentive and respectful of other participants. If you're uncertain, refrain from overtaking. Avoid risky maneuvers. If you notice a car behind you wanting to overtake, calmly take the right turn, carefully hug the right side of the race track, and let it pass. Remember, safety comes first.

Read and Memorize

  • Be sure to turn on the hazard warning lights
  • Stop on the side of the race track and turn off the engine
  • Please get behind the guardrail as quickly as possible
  • Report the incident via the emergency number: +49 0800 0302 112, providing details such as the location on the race track
  • Under no circumstances attempt to turn around or move in the opposite direction
  • Provide assistance to the victims
  • Wait for emergency services to arrive

Yellow flags and yellow traffic lights

If there is an accident on the race track or if the track is obstructed for any reason (such as debris, oil spillage, wildlife, or adverse weather conditions), the marshals will activate a yellow traffic light or display yellow flags.

When you encounter a yellow signal, promptly reduce your speed to 50 km/h, and in certain areas, to 30 km/h. Overtaking under a yellow signal is strictly prohibited. At this reduced speed, continue until you have safely passed the scene of the accident or incident.

After safely passing the accident, you may resume acceleration.

Race Taxi and Sports Car Rental

If you want to use the services of a Race Taxi, then use the services of only official companies that have a special license to provide this type of service. Under no circumstances should you use the services of illegal drivers who try to make money at the Nürburgring in this way and offer similar services in the race track parking lots, in hotels and restaurants.

The same applies to sports car rentals. Use the services of official companies with offices at the Nürburgring and registered in Germany. Always remember that your first priority is safety. Do not use the services of illegitimate companies and "black" drivers.

Welcome to the Nürburgring.