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Our Expert Opinion

Motorsport in the Global Segment of Sports Tourism

Author: Oldenburger Hannes | © 2008—2023

First, sports tourism has long become essential in our everyday life. Because of global development of the tourism segment, affordable and available interstate logistics, foreign language skills, and new self-fulfillment opportunities, one can find virtually any sports trip offer today. It also includes motorsport, together with its remarkable atmosphere and color.

Why not? Obviously, one can buy a complete bicycle tour, motorcycle tour, or go for parachute jumping, safari, laidback seashore leisure trip to Asia, or a hurry-scurry route across Europe. But be advised: there is such a thing as motorsport tourism — extreme leisure that gives no room for patterns or boredom, but provides whole-new and unforgettable experience of facing extraordinary situations, high speed, and adrenaline rush. Yes, we mean racing and extreme driving at a racing tack.

Prefer racing over boring lounge chairs

Lots of people are tired by standard and hoary tours within which the all-inclusive service and day-by-day sunbathing are everything that tour operators can offer — nothing special or spicy. We can offer more. And we mean Nürburgring.

Some love lounging and sunbathing, while others would rather ride a mighty sports car, honing skills second by second. This is extreme sports, Grand Sports — where sports car driving, instructor’s tasks, and the achievements are what makes you believe in the impossible and go further to enhance yourself. Run after run, you sharpen your capabilities and improve lap time. Lap after lap, you challenge yourself, the track, and the car — trying to tame and reach the chemistry. Your hands grow numb, forearms hurt, and neck aches. You feel as if you had spent the whole day in a gym, juggling dumbbells and running — you can twist your clothes. After such a day on the track, you feel pleasant exhaustion and pride for the results. Another day, another battle.

Supply breeds demand

The market is not that rich of such offers. Most people are just unaware of such a format and opportunities. Across the globe, racing tracks are being built, racing academies open, motorsport industry is heavily funded — all this enables anyone to switch from lounge under the sun to a hard racing buckets (racing seat), 6-hole safety belt, and combat helmet.

Nürburgring is multi-faceted. It offers everything needed to spend a racing weekend, with any budget. This is the international motorsport and business center. Availability and wide range of prices (sports car rental, Ring Taxi, Driver Trainings, plenty of hotels) will turn your dream of becoming a sports car pilot into reality. Think of the place where to spend your next weekend or vacation. Taste the drive of the world’s most famous racing track — on the Nürburgring.

In this sports tourism segment, we’ve been working for 20 years in Germany. We started developing motorsport tourism in 1996-1997, from exclusive tours through serpentine roads of the Swiss Alps to Cote d’-Azur. To date, we have transformed into a chain of exclusive-grade agencies that provide motorsport, automobile tourism, and yacht and motorboat rental services. Transparency, competence, and fairness are our key priorities. For all tour operators and travel companies striving to organize bright and outstanding trips, we have complete packages in various segments — from sports cars to yachts, motorboats, and helicopters. We are ready to offer you long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation in this tourism field. Market grows, and so do we. Waiting for you on the Nürburgring.

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