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Booking Terms and Conditions

January 1, 2024.

Basic rules for booking, paying and conducting rides at the Nürburgring race track. More answers to your questions and important information about Nürburging can be found in our FAQ section.

1. Driving the Ring

Races are conducted in accordance with the track's regulations and schedule, as well as a program pre-approved by the organizer or client. Clients, with access to the schedule of available race slots, should plan their races based on the track's current schedule and opening times ( Tourist Drives Days and Track Days ), and coordinate with the organizer. Races proceed in both dry and rainy weather conditions.

On tourist days, the track operates under regular public road regulations, adhering to the same rules as any other road in Germany. Prior to races, the organizer, through an instructor or coach, conducts a mandatory safety briefing, outlining the fundamental guidelines for behavior on the race track during tourist days or track days.

During track days, depending on the organizer's regulations, the track functions as a dedicated racing track, and standard road rules do not apply. Preceding races on a track day, the organizer, through an instructor or coach, conducts a compulsory safety briefing, covering essential conduct rules on the race track during track days.

Attendance on either tourist or track days requires 100% prepayment of the booked services ( such as car rental, instruction, track day, transfer, or other services ).

When attending tourist days or track days, clients must ensure they have the following: Valid driver's license and Valid passport.

2. Payment and booking

Payment is conveniently made online. Payment for the tour, car rental, instruction, track day, transfer, or any other services is required to be settled just prior to the trip. This payment must be made as a 100% prepayment, either via bank transfer to the organizer company's account ( a legal entity with a bank account in Germany ), in cash upon receipt, or by credit cards, including MasterCard, VISA, and American Express.

The booking of a tour or trip is confirmed upon the receipt of the funds by the organizer's company. A confirmation of receipt and booking details is communicated to the customer through email, utilizing the email address provided earlier.

Clients are responsible for settling the payment for the trip or tour within five working days from the date of receiving the invoice. After making the payment, they are required to send a confirmation of the payment via email to the company / organizer.

3. Cancellation fees for paid Trip / Tour

If the client / customer opts to cancel a pre-booked and prepaid tour or trip, the client / customer will incur the following cancellation fees.

Cancellation fees for paid trips

  • One month or more prior to the trip — 15% of total
  • Three / three and a half weeks prior (27–21 days) — 20%
  • Two / two and a half weeks prior ( 20–14 days) — 30%
  • One / one and a half week prior (13–7 days) — 50%
  • Less than a week prior (6–0 days) — 80%

Amounts paid for Gift vouchers and fees for participation in the track day are not refunded by the organizer. However, it is possible to agree to reschedule a trip or tour to another date by special agreement with the company / organizer.

4. Special Provisions

The organizer retains the right to decline providing services to the customer / client (including car rental, instruction, track day, transfer, or other services) for various reasons, which may include.

Possible reasons for cancellation

  • Inappropriate behavior exhibited by the client
  • Physical discomfort experienced by the client ( such as dizziness, nausea, or headaches )
  • The client being inebriated
  • The client's desire to overtake others and recklessly deviate from their designated position
  • Failure by the client to adhere to safety regulations
  • Impolite conduct displayed by the client towards fellow participants
  • Use of offensive language or gestures by the client towards other participants
  • Disregarding instructions and advice provided by the instructor/trainer

In the event of conflict situations arising due to the aforementioned reasons, funds paid for the trip/tour are non-refundable.

5. Company / Organizer

The company / organizer assumes responsibility for executing the trip / tour in accordance with a pre-established and customer / client-approved program, as detailed in the invoice.

However, it's important to note that the company / organizer cannot be held responsible for the following.

Possible reasons

  • Weather conditions
  • Road maintenance activities on the track
  • Delays in races due to track management's scheduling alterations for maintenance purposes modifications in regulations
  • Accidents occurring on the race track, which may result in track closures and waiting times of 1-2 hours
  • Track day regulations, including opening and closing times
  • The physical and emotional condition of the client ( e.g., dizziness, nausea, headache, delayed reactions )
  • Situations or health issues not within the scope of the company/organizer's responsibilities and not included in the list of services covered by the customer / client's payment
  • Additional services ( e.g., car rental, additional laps, transfers, accommodation, etc. ) can be discussed and arranged on-site, separate from the initial booking

6. Weather

Races can occur under both dry and rainy weather conditions. The customer / client retains the option to decline participation in rainy weather due to concerns or other reasons. If a client cancels a trip due to rain, fog or wet asphalt, the funds paid to the organizer for the trip/tour will not be returned. However, it's possible to reschedule rides for another available day by mutual agreement.

It's important to acknowledge that rain and fog are natural occurrences beyond the control of trip organizers.

7. All Inclusive Packages

The tariff covers car rental, lap tickets ( on a tourist day ), and fuel. In certain cases, the tariff may also encompass instructor or training. On track days, the standard rental rate ( base price ) applies. Additionally, on track days, fuel is billed separately, contingent on the number of kilometers driven and driving style. The cost of the track day itself is also separate from the base tariff.

8. Accidents / Collisions

If, due to the fault of the customer / client, an accident occurs on the race track ( on a tourist or track day ), then he ( customer / client ) assumes the responsibility for restoring the vehicle at his own expense. Each car has insurance, which is supported by a deductible, the amount of which depends on the class of the car. The amount for the restoration of the vehicle is paid in cash upon receipt (according to the invoice / damage assessment ), by credit card or by transfer to a bank account.

For example, if a fender or bumper is damaged, the customer / client pays for the restoration of the fender/bumper. You also need to take into account damage to the fence/rail of the race track or damage to another vehicle in a collision. The amount for damage to the fence is paid directly to the Nürburgring on the spot ( in cash or by credit card ).

The company/organizer is not responsible for the fence damaged by the customer / client or the vehicle of another participant in the races, as well as for bodily injuries or injuries to the customer / client.

9. Acceptance of rules and booking

The client's agreement to abide by these rules is confirmed upon booking a trip or tour and submitting a prepayment of 50 - 100% to the specified account of the company / organizer. By making this payment, the customer confirms their acknowledgment of all the rules outlined above and commits to their compliance.